The Speech That Never Was but Hopefully Will


I had started this blog some eighteen days ago and then was followed immediately with a short-term hiatus.  My apologies for that.  My mind was quite at the state of commotion days after I began this blog.  It was a positive mental fracas though, but it still required me to have some motivation and focus, hence, the online absence.

You see, I engaged myself to self-improvement programs for a total of 36 hours.  Indeed a short period to acquire knowledge and to grasp all lessons taught, however it was worth the efforts.  Initially, my purpose for enrollment was not for new knowledge but primarily to satiate my impulses for human interaction.  The new skills and current, useful information acquired are expected bonuses.

I ended the courses with flying colors and was expected to prepare a topnotchers (quite a big word, right?) speech.   I had two weeks to prepare, but my composition was only developed and completed two nights prior to the scheduled event.  It took me almost an hour and a half to organize my thoughts and consumed 28 hours to practice the delivery of my speech.

At the night of the event,  I must admit I was somehow ready.  I braved the challenge.  My mantra was,  "Better ready than sorry".  I have also somehow memorized my lines because I had been reading, rereading and familiarizing the sequence of thoughts and the act of composing your own talk per se will always direct the memorization process much facile and swifter.  Since I am deliberately an anxious person, I always have Plan B in tow:  I decided to bring along a print-out of my speech to assure that I will not miss anything when I am on the podium.  

Dinner was done, the rites were almost coming to an end... and then the closing remarks followed.  What??  They skipped the Topnotchers Speech portion!  Why??

My feeling that time was half-and-half initially:  50% - relieved and 50% - frustrated.  I was at first relieved since my fear of speaking in a crowd has been immediately abolished.  And later, I was frustrated because as I said, I was somehow ready.  I prepared.  I felt my efforts and the composition that I wanted to share to mostly strangers were put into waste.  I also felt dismayed since it was one of those rare opportunities for me to hone my public speaking skills.  I experienced defeat that night despite I was on top of my game.

Due to that exasperation, I succumb to uploading my speech on this blog as I deemed this as the best outlet of sharing THE SPEECH THAT NEVER WAS heard and applauded (perhaps? but I was not really expecting to be fully appreciated). BUT, HOPEFULLY this speech WILL be of use in the near future, as I plan to continue yet another augmentation programs and to strive harder to attain the fruition of having to venture into public speaking which also would entirely mean that I must be on top of the class again.


Good evening.

Allow me to begin my speech with a trivia.

Did you know that you cannot breathe and swallow at the same time? Try it now.  See?  It is either you breathe in first then swallow after, or vice-versa.  You certainly cannot do it at the same time.

I am, and maybe all of us here, are in agreement now to this mind-blowing fact; because, in reality there are a number of activities that cannot be done simultaneously.  If one insists in forcibly acting on it, the conclusion may lead to adversity.

However, when we talk about SUCCESS, the requirements of attaining it are contrary to the trivia that I stated at the onset this speech; since, Success warrants a plethora of values and activities that should be carried out concurrently.

According to Colin Luther Powell, former United States National Security Advisor,
 “ There are no secrets to Success. It is the result of preparation, hardwork and learning from failure. “
(INSERT - from the guest speaker's opening remarks:  And according to Dean Diet, there are 3 P's to attain success: Passion, Perseverance and Purpose)

For Success to be realized, it must be an impeccable mixture of the values we were taught from A-Z and of all the action words that resonates an apparent Win. 

(INSERT - for future speech:  Values such as Patience , Perseverance and Zealous and Action words such as Ambition, Persevere, Prepare.  Remember, SUCCESS is always a Win as it does not uphold any negative connotations.)

Success is the sweetest by-product of the bitter aspects of life.  Noteworthy of mentioning are the pressures of juggling work and study, which has been experienced by most of the students of _________
And painstakingly maintaining a healthy balance between career, family, social life and self-improvement.

There are Two main reasons why we are all gathered here tonight;
No. 1 - we are gathered To HARVEST the Fruits of our Labor, with Pride. 

(INSERT - for future speech: We have already done this earlier, as we have warmly accepted our Certificates of Completion and Certificates of Achievement.  So, check!)
No.2 - we are here To CELEBRATE, with Victory, the Success that we all deserved.
Am I right? 

(INSERT - for future speech:  Still check!)

Congratulations to all the graduates, including myself, who have exerted unwavering diligence to reach the finish line
For the founders, Dean and instructors trainers of ___________, whose passion for education and service are beyond comprehension.

I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude especially to our instructors: Mr. ______ , our instructor trainer in _______ and Mr. ________, our instructor trainer​ in _______, 

(INSERT: for future speech: Reminder - to incorporate the names and courses)
For their generosity in sharing their time, patience and expertise on the courses they were tasked to teach.

I would also like to thank all my classmates for serving as a larger-than-life inspiration.  I am honestly touched and moved by all of your hunger for knowledge, thirst for excellence and burning desires to become better versions of your current selves.

And for all of you here inside this hall, thank you for lending me your ears and attention.
It is my pleasure to have shared with you tonight a triumphant event and a wonderful memory worth reminiscing in this lifetime.

Once again, good evening and Daghang salamat!

------ OOO -----

Thank you for sparing me your time to read this blog post.  Have a great day!


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