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The Speech That Never Was but Hopefully Will

I had started this blog some eighteen days ago and then was followed immediately with a short-term hiatus.  My apologies for that.  My mind was quite at the state of commotion days after I began this blog.  It was a positive mental fracas though, but it still required me to have some motivation and focus, hence, the online absence.
You see, I engaged myself to self-improvement programs for a total of 36 hours.  Indeed a short period to acquire knowledge and to grasp all lessons taught, however it was worth the efforts.  Initially, my purpose for enrollment was not for new knowledge but primarily to satiate my impulses for human interaction.  The new skills and current, useful information acquired are expected bonuses.
I ended the courses with flying colors and was expected to prepare a topnotchers (quite a big word, right?) speech.   I had two weeks to prepare, but my composition was only developed and completed two nights prior to the scheduled event.  It took me almost an hour an…