The Speech That Never Was but Hopefully Will

I had started this blog some eighteen days ago and then was followed immediately with a short-term hiatus.  My apologies for that.  My mind was quite at the state of commotion days after I began this blog.  It was a positive mental fracas though, but it still required me to have some motivation and focus, hence, the online absence.
You see, I engaged myself to self-improvement programs for a total of 36 hours.  Indeed a short period to acquire knowledge and to grasp all lessons taught, however it was worth the efforts.  Initially, my purpose for enrollment was not for new knowledge but primarily to satiate my impulses for human interaction.  The new skills and current, useful information acquired are expected bonuses.
I ended the courses with flying colors and was expected to prepare a topnotchers (quite a big word, right?) speech.   I had two weeks to prepare, but my composition was only developed and completed two nights prior to the scheduled event.  It took me almost an hour an…

The BIG Decision: Moving OUT, Moving IN

6 years married. 5 years physically distant. 0 offspring.
Our shadows... circa 2010
These three conditions have driven me crazy to make the biggest decision in my life (ever): 
If most people consider getting married as being one of the biggest decisions they have made or to make in their entire life, count me out.  I was at a nubile age when plans and ultimate decision to get hooked was lifted.  I could remember, I was almost 90% ready before agreeing to marriage.  The expectations that were crawling in my head were met and I wanted everything to get done swiftly.  The marriage preparations, the rituals and the merrymaking eventuated as smoothly and hastily as I anticipated it to be.  And from that day onwards, I became a wife.
Arriving at THE decision to MOVE OUT and MOVE IN was one bold move, one gigantic leap, one courageous act.

MOVE OUT, from where?

I was already married and you may wonder, from where I was movi…

Hello. Welcome to my Blog

How do I start this?
The new chapter of my life and the new location I moved in at the start of the year 2017, did result to a period of ennui, which has unexpectedly brought me to a number of re-explorations of my under-utilized skills that which includes my writing propensities.
Blogging has been the modern means to express one’s thoughts and the better avenue to exposing these thoughts to many.  I am a blogger since 2010 and the inception of this new blog is the 6th of my varied-platform blog sites.  Here’s a brief history of the many blogs I am currently maintaining with some hiatuses in between.
       Putting into action the learning I acquired from a certain online read on sustaining effective blogs, I decided to categorize my diverse interests.   My very first blog, created seven years ago, was mainly about fashion, personal style, travel, food and also included multifarious topics that I wanted to promulgate online.  Then I ventured into fashion styling. I started a different blo…