Hello. Welcome to my Blog

How do I start this?

The new chapter of my life and the new location I moved in at the start of the year 2017, did result to a period of ennui, which has unexpectedly brought me to a number of re-explorations of my under-utilized skills that which includes my writing propensities.

Blogging has been the modern means to express one’s thoughts and the better avenue to exposing these thoughts to many.  I am a blogger since 2010 and the inception of this new blog is the 6th of my varied-platform blog sites.  Here’s a brief history of the many blogs I am currently maintaining with some hiatuses in between.

       Putting into action the learning I acquired from a certain online read on sustaining effective blogs, I decided to categorize my diverse interests.  
  1. My very first blog, created seven years ago, was mainly about fashion, personal style, travel, food and also included multifarious topics that I wanted to promulgate online.  
  2. Then I ventured into fashion styling. I started a different blog on 2012 dedicated for my fashion styling stints and tagging along still my travel diaries. 
  3. I am also fond of anything collectible, but among my collections, I specially favored my pencils since I have spent more than a decade of accumulation.  A new blog was out on 2014.
  4. As I am such a foodie and I love doing food and restaurant reviews, I opened again another blog on 2015 solely for my fascination with anything edible and still with a touch of fashion and travel.  
  5. When it comes to personal style,  my overwhelming love for the color combination of black and white and the various shades and tints of pink is definitely obvious mostly with my daily style, hence, another personal style blog was unfolded on 2016.
The 6th blog, with April 20, 2017, as the onset date of realizing another journal online, is predominantly about the new field of interest that has preoccupied my status quo. My intrepidity has challenged me to share to the world my journey to BECOMING THE A-Z WIFE  to my dearest husband.  


The title of this new blog - BECOMING THE A-Z WIFE - can speak for itself.

In this blog, I am to chronicle my adventures and learnings as a wife.  Cliche, as it may sound, but I, too, am greatly wishful to make this blog a source of motivation and inspiration online for all wives, newbies or long-time wifey, out there and for those ladies who envisioned of becoming one as well.

Despite being married for 6 years, I still consider myself a newbie to wifehood.  I am definitely no expert to this lifetime adventure but I am indulging every baby steps I take to successfully progress in our married life and be the most desirable wife my husband has ever dreamed of. 

I emphasized, A-Z, as I am open to all possible descriptions, may it be positive or sometimes negative, a wife can describe to herself and to the kind of life she chooses to be with the person she decided to spend her forever. Today, one can be the Amazing wife and tomorrow the Zealous kind. That being said, I am counted in.