The BIG Decision: Moving OUT, Moving IN

6 years married. 5 years physically distant. 0 offspring.

Our shadows... circa 2010

These three conditions have driven me crazy to make the biggest decision in my life (ever): 

If most people consider getting married as being one of the biggest decisions they have made or to make in their entire life, count me out.  I was at a nubile age when plans and ultimate decision to get hooked was lifted.  I could remember, I was almost 90% ready before agreeing to marriage.  The expectations that were crawling in my head were met and I wanted everything to get done swiftly.  The marriage preparations, the rituals and the merrymaking eventuated as smoothly and hastily as I anticipated it to be.  And from that day onwards, I became a wife.

Arriving at THE decision to MOVE OUT and MOVE IN was one bold move, one gigantic leap, one courageous act.

MOVE OUT, from where?

I was already married and you may wonder, from where I was moving out? 

For one, I lived with my parents even after I married the love of my life.  My husband and I were physically apart due to our different preferences professionally. And being with my parents was a mutual agreement for my security and safety.  As the youngest of two girls, I was born and raised with all the love and care my parents can unselfishly provide.  And that includes, unlimited pampering even though I am mature enough to live on my own, independently.   But, despite I was in my early 30's, I was totally dependent with my parents Life was just too comfortable being with them. And love life issues with my husband was seemingly blissful and minimally lonely.  I was already used to being physically away from him. Distance was not a hindrance.  With the variegated social media options and techie gadgets that bridged the gap of long-distance relationships, there was almost no room for yearning.  Trust with one another was 100%  which also kept our relationship rolling.  

Second, I was permanently employed for eleven years, with a brighter future ahead of me in that company.  I requested, my husband to give me a year, but which actually took 15 months, to weigh things over, to assess which should matter most to me.  It was tough.  I was torn to holding on to my professional fulfillment and to grabbing the opportunity to live anew, to materialize the vows I have solemnly undertaken with my husband.

MOVE IN, to where?

Of course, I was moving in with my better half and to the place where he is recently at, remotely farthest from my familiar world.  And, yes, finally I can be with my husband 24/7, where we are few steps closer to building a complete family, i.e., with kid/s.
Being in a new place, with a totally different culture, with no family, no friends and no job is yet another challenge for me.

In summary, I was undoubtedly Moving Out from the Comfort Zones of my Old Life: 
from the house that I grew up in, 
from the family that unceasingly looked out for me since my day one on Earth,
from the daily comfortable way of life 
from the job that I learned to love and have taken pride with.

But at this very moment, as I am encoding these sentences, I am at the state of satisfaction to the decision of Moving In to Surprising Pleasures and Bearable Discomforts that Awaits in the New Life with my forever partner.  I am confident that we can survive all endeavors that we will be diving into, how shallow or deep the water of challenges may be.  Good luck to us both. God bless us in this new chapter of our life.


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